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Verdi Ultrahard Porcelain


UltraHard® Porcelain/Fine China

Quality Communiqué

Comparison of Ceramic Characteristics and Materials



Bone China Fine China* UltraHard* Porcelain Stoneware Earthenware
Raw Material Used

Bone Ash, Feldspar, Kaolin

Porcelain Stone, Feldspar, Kaolin Porcelain Stone, Feldspar, Kaolin Porcelain Stone, Feldspar, Kaolin Porcelain Stone, Feldspar, Kaolin Porcelain Stone, Feldspar, Kaolin

Biscuit Firing

1,250º C 950º C 900º C 800º C 800º C N.A.
Glaze Firing

1,100º C

1,350º C 1,400º C 1,320º C 1,230º C 1,100º C
Underglaze Decoration Firing N.A. N.A. N.A. 800º C 1,300º C 1,000º C
Inglaze Decoration Firing N.A. 1,250º C 1,300º C N.A. N.A. N.A.
OverGlaze Decoration Firing 780º C 950º C 900º C 850º C 850º C 750º C
Absorbance No No No No No Yes
Transparency Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Colour Tone Ivory Ivory Bluish White Bluish White Yellowish White Reddish White
Ranking in Strength 1 2 1 2 2 3
Ranking of gloss on glazed surface 1 1 2 4 5 3

Extremely good glossy surface. Excellent transparency. Warm Ivory Tone. Elegant quality product

Superb glossy surface. Excellent  transparency. Warm-hearted Ivory. Elegant product

Good glossy surface. Good white transparency. Very durable. Top quality product

Good glossy white  transparency. Good quality product


Graceful patterns can be produced because of multi color drafting.

Good gloss on glaze surface. Slight reddish tone, provides a warm feeling as tableware


** Tips on Care and Handling of your Dinnerware **

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